School presentation

High School number one under the patronage of Nicolas Copernicus is the oldest high school in Łódź. Considered one of the top ten schools in Poland, it is a place where the 21st century coexists with tradition. Not only is it an eminent institution widely known for a consistently high level of education, but also a place which every graduate is fond of. Students honour “Koper’s” rich tradition by wearing uniforms, consisting of a navy-blue jacket with a metal badge that has the school's patron on it. On special occasions, students also wear a maroon tie bearing the school's name.
Since 1910 the school has been located in the same building, in 41 Więckowskiego St., which is listed in the register of Łódź monuments. Thanks to the reconditioning undertaken in the years 2004–2006 many impressive architectural details have been retained. The building was modernised in order to meet the standards of modern educational institutions.
The school's original methods of work, aimed at gifted students, result in its high place in the Best School in Poland Ranking. Our school has always been ranked among the ten best ones since the inception of this prestigious ranking.
The school is also very successful in numerous national and international Olympiads as well as other contests. So far, more than 1000 students have been awarded finalist or laureate diplomas and 40 have been medal winners of international Olympiads.
Just the fact of being a student of the First High School guarantees very good results in the school-leaving exams. A very high percentage of the school graduates continue their education at prestigious universities and many of them take pride in completing their education abroad.
Students, teachers and graduates constitute a special “Koper” community. The attachment to our school is cultivated by their keen involvement in the activities of Nicolas Copernicus Middle Junior School and Lyceum Alumni Association.